Monday, August 4, 2008

List of my Social Networking Tools?

I recently received a request from my boss and our IT dept for a list of "social networking tools and other technologies" I'm currently using or investigating. I have no idea what they will use this list for except for the vague mention of "proactively assessing" these tools, I assume for security purposes. Hopefully this won't lead to a culture of restrictions and red tape. To me, that would all but kill the lifeblood of a major part of my job and our library: innovating and experimenting with new and emerging technologies to improve library services.

Anyways, a got a couple requests for the list, so here it is...

Note: I'm not clear on how they're defining "social networking tools", so I've included below (which is basically what I sent to my boss) just about anything that has any sort of social/networking component that I use in any work or professional development way, or have bookmarked for future assessment in those areas:

Tools with potential use for library services to faculty/students/staff (note: many of these have uses for prof dev/networking as well):

Tools currently used for library services and or internal communication (note: many of these have potential useful applications for student/faculty use as well):
  • Bloglines (RSS feed reader)
  • Doodle (scheduling)
  • Facebook
  • Feedburner (RSS feeds and blog subscription mgt)
  • flickr (pics)
  • Google Sites
  • Google Docs
  • LibraryThing
  • pbwiki
  • Technorati (RSS feed reader and blog mgt)
  • (video creation/sharing)

Tools I use or may want to use for professional development, networking and idea sharing, and keeping up with technology, info lit and library process developments (many of these have potential use for students/faculty as well):


Stephen Kelly said...


Thanks for mentioning Peepel, you have spelt it incorrectly in your list it should be Peepel.

Stephen Kelly
CEO Peepel

Dana said...

My humble apologies. The spelling error has been corrected. Peace,


Bobbi Newman said...

Thank you for sharing this list! I see several I'm not familiar with, off to check them out now!