Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day in the life of a "Virtual Librarian": Tuesday

  • 7:20 am arrival: pop-tart, emails, friendfeed
  • 7:30 am: reference duty all day, switch ref number over to my phone, answer 3 non-library-related "Ask a Librarian" emails redirecting them to Student Info Call Center + 1 actual research question
  • 8:30: LibGuides work
  • 11 am: Elluminate for Moderators pt.2 webinar
  • 12 pm: lunch break (pop-tart and chips) @ park w/ Gibson's Spook Country
  • 12:30: straightened out CQ access issue: they dropped ball on our renewal but were very fast to respond and fix + couple ref phone calls
  • 1 pm: investigating problems with EBSCOHost RSS feeds not working properly, colleague at CUNY (via Twitter) reports even more EBSCO problems on their end and possible issue w/ EZProxy intersection + LibGuides work (finishing up 1st draft Law & Criminal Justice Guide)
  • 1:30: weekly dept-wide staff meeting - thankfully no major issues - only 10 min
  • 1:45 pm: composed and sent email explaining to my colleagues how to create/edit subject or database specific PQ, JSTOR and EBSCOHost search widgets, and where to copy existing search widgets for our catalog, WorldCat and Credo Reference + reference
  • 3 pm: weekly library staff meeting
  • 4 pm: day is done

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