Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day in the Life of a "Virtual Librarian": Wednesday

On most Wednesdays, I have the privilege of working from home in my pjs. Yay! These days allow me to get away from the bustle and interruptions at the office and concentrate on what I'm doing for longer periods (usually - home has it's own distractions, of course). I don't think I could work from home any more than 1 day a week most weeks simply because I don't have the discipline.

6:30 am: arise, walk dog, check emails, friendfeed, twitter, blogs
7 am: sign up and record my 1st two 12second videos
7:15 am: clear work email and voice mail, respond to a couple emails
8 am: check remote access and explore functionality of new database content (ACLS, Alexander SP) and CQ Public Affairs db that CQ mistakenly dropped access for.
9 am: further flesh out nursing 1 hr virtual workshops content
10:30 am break: finish fixing J's elliptical machine
11 am: LibGuides
12 pm: treadmill for 30 min, shower
12:45: lunch
1:10 pm: LibGuides, play more w/Elluminate V-room, look over Elluminate moderator documentation and recorded sessions
4 pm: work day done! friendfeed, twitter, etc.
5 pm: record a bunch more 12second videos, dinner, family guy (one of best x-mas comedy episodes ever: Kiss Saves Santa), watch movie, sleep

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