Monday, January 24, 2011

Librarian-Day-in-the-Life Monday Ch-Ch-Changes

I've decided to take on the "Library Day in the Life" challenge again (I did it in 2008 and 2010), mostly as a way to help me reflect on how I'm approaching my new job responsibilities. Very recently my job title changed from "Assistant Director of Library Services" to "Assistant Director of Library Instruction and Information Literacy." 

A few posts ago I jotted down some thoughts about change in regard to library instruction. Well, I'm in the midst of a quick and somewhat radical change in job responsibilities myself and the jury is still out in how I'm handling it. Especially the letting go part. Today mark's the start of the first full work week I've had since the change (due to vacation and some illness over the last few weeks) and I'm finding myself a bit discombobulated.  The duties I did on a regular basis just a few weeks ago, such as administering our reference services, managing the website and our LibGuides, and managing the workloads and niggling issues and questions of my fellow librarians, are no longer cluttering up my To Do lists. But I'mm having hard time letting them go because I invested a lot of time and effort into improving them over the last few years.I'm sure my colleagues will do wonderful things with them, but letting go so suddenly is still hard.

But as a result of this change, today has been mostly about the instruction stuff (YAY)! Here's what I've been up to:
  1. Bitter, bitter cold (-20 F) forces me to spend 20 min. trying everywhichway to finagle open my frozen car door & scrape frosted windows. Arrive at office 45 min later.
  2. Checked e-mail inbox. Checked Eventbrite registrations for my Elluminate workshop on Weds - 13 signed up so far! Added new librarian e-mail to Eventbrite account.
  3. Overhauled post-workshop assessment form (open-ended 3-2-1 format + content-specific question that asks them to create a search from a research question). Sent draft to colleagues for comment & pushed for all of us to use same Survey Monkey account so we can gather data more easily (rather than everyone using all different questions). Inserted a "rate the teacher" question based on request from superiors (I had changed to learning-assessment a couple years ago).
  4. Listened, while doing this other stuff,  to the most recent Adventures in Library Instruction podcast, with special guest (and fellow 2009? ACRL Immersion alum) Catherine Pellegrino.
  5. Set up Doodle to settle on our next WGIL Room podcast recording date and time. Sent out e-mails to co-hosts.
  6. Fretted a bit over just announced SUNY transition to ALEPH ver. 20 (why don't we drop this crap system already!). Luckily, we won't change over until August and by then I'll have trained the 2 librarians that are taking over e-book record updating & maintenance duties and they can deal with the transition.
  7. Formulated a diplomatic-stall e-mail to an influential faculty member requesting subscriptions to some specific journals.
  8. Troubleshot an inconsistent EBSCOHost journal holding listing brought up by a colleague (says 2007 - present, but only has up through 2009, despite four 2010 issues being published). Solution: call EBSCO to clarify.
  9. Brainstormed some possible scenarios/session proposals for a couple of "All College" or ESC faculty internal conferences coming this early Spring. Need to start a conversation with faculty on place of info lit in curriculum/in college (which at present is basically non-existent except for our voluntary online workshops and one non-librarian taught, non-required credit course).