Friday, March 21, 2008

Yet another list of library-useful web 2.0 tools?!!

Why not? Here is my own "Top 15" list of web 2.0 (and other) tools we are using or looking into using at my library, as well as a couple tools I use personally to help me do my job (this doesn't include my fave FireFox extensions - perhaps I'll add that at a later date):
  1. AwesomeHighlighter (starting to use this for certain reference situations)
  2. BlogLines (I use this to share my extensive lib blogs w/my coworkers)
  3. Blogger - to me, still the easiest to use full-featured blog platform out there (our library blog is on this as well as an internal library blog for sharing ideas)
  4. (working on using this to display librarian-selected, academic-quality web resources) - my tags - a bit outdated tho)
  5. Feedburner - use this to track subscriptions
  6. Google Analytics (we use this as our main source of usage stats for our public web site)
  7. Google Calendar (since our college still uses the virtually useless Lotus Notes calendar tool, I use Google Calendar to track just our library staff schedules, ref coverage, conferences, etc.).
  8. GoogleDocs (us this for putting together collaborative projects, presentations, etc.)
  9. LibGuides (proof of concept Nursing Guide I put together)
  10. LibraryThing (and LibraryThing for Libraries) - which I use to promote new book titles
  11. NetVibes (great way to bring together most of these other tools into one place)
  12. PbWiki (I used this for a presentation, too)
  13. TopCited - Scopus' useful site - I'm pushing to integrate these into our subject guides
  14. Widgetbox - great place to find widgets and not re-invent the wheel (e.g., linkroll)
  15. Wimba Virtual Classroom - we are using this more heavily now for info lit instruction for remotely located classrooms and eventually directly to students at home

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