Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting in on the Facebook action

So it appears I've convinced my boss to allow us to explore putting a library presence on Facebook. I am excited to get started on this, but the big issue I'm concerned about is promotion. How have others gotten students and faculty to buy into a library-Facebook resource? Our college has a community of several hundred, but I'm not sure how to tap into that community and help grow it without coming off like an intruder into student/personal space...

But hopefully I'll be able to put together a site for us that will offer enough incentive for some to become fans, etc. Widgets to search library databases (our Multi-database Search, WorldCat, ebook our catalog, ProQuest, Credo, etc.), new book title widgets, and more may go part of that distance, I'm not sure. Perhaps we could also eventually build a tie-in to our Wimba virtual classroom info lit workshops as well.

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