Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Notes and my poster content from the 2014 Distance Library Services Conference

If interested, here are links to my conference notes, and the poster and associated brief handout from my poster at the DLS Conference:
Here's the summary of my poster:

With a staff of four librarians serving a population of 20,000 adult distance and blended learners, providing scalable
and accessible information literacy learning opportunities is a challenge for this medium-sized state university. In addition to live online workshops and a self-paced, text-based course, we strive to empower our instructional designers and faculty with easy-to-embed learning objects that can be used to teach or reinforce, through self-paced active learning where appropriate, necessary information and research skills at the point of need. These learning objects are designed to be modular and customizable to fit within the context of any curriculum, course or assignment.
Online scavenger hunts, information skills self-assessments, ask-a-librarian chat boxes, and video tutorials, some with interactive elements, all play a part in this low-cost endeavor. Objects are primarily created with free online tools (the exception is Adobe Captivate for videos). Each is heavily promoted to faculty, student support staff, and instructional designers as a plug-and-play service that can impact student assignment quality and preemptively relieve them from having to repeatedly answer basic, non-course content questions.

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