Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Newest Playthings

Pressed for time this week, so a quick list of the newest toys/tools that I've taken at least a passing fancy to:

  • Greplin: it's a personal search engine for your social networks and email! You can search all your GMail, GCal, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook posts, Dropbox and Evernote (this one req's a Pro acct tho) items at once.
  • Weebly: for creating a quick, professional looking site in a flash. I used it to create a "Save the Date" page that includes an embedded Xtranormal video on it for an upcoming conference I am helping put together.
  • Dragon Age: Origins: one of the best RPG video games ever made. I bought this for the PC a while back but got distracted and didn't get far into it. Now that my PS3 and Wii are gone via a recent burglary of my apartment, I have more time to go back to PC games (silver lining)! This is a must play for any fantasy RPG or D&D fan (but get the PC version rather than the console, if possible).

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