Monday, July 26, 2010

Roller Jammin'

An online librarian friend from GA, upon hearing that I was joining the new meat ranks of a local Roller Derby league (I don't get a meat name until after 3 practices), asked "You too? What is it with librarians and roller derby?"

Indeed, I know of at least 2 or 3 other librarians who roll (such as the awesome Jan Dawson). I also hear there is another librarian in my league, although I haven't met her yet.

But before I get ahead of myself: at this point, I can barely skate! I am in good jogging shape, but roller derby uses a whole different set of muscles. As with most new adventures/experiences, I'm sure this will give me further insight into my teaching and learning skills.

Anyways, I came away from the recruitment practice night feeling good (although sweating profusely) and promptly ordered some gear online. Once I make a decision to do something, I'm usually all in. I'm looking forward to learning about the sport and hopefully eventually (after a minimum of 3 months of 2-3x practices a week, and passing some skills tests) getting into a bout!


leah said...

Man, not only am I *another* librarians who does roller derby, I also have a Google alert for "roller derby librarian"...I'm pretty sure I shouldn't admit to this so readily :)

Dana said...

Hi Leah - awesome! Be proud!

Sarah said...

Yay! So fun, isn't it? I'm wishing that in Atlanta the training process was a bit less intense. We can only qualify to be fresh meat on two days per year, then it's *at least* another 6 months of training after that before you can be drafted to a team. Good luck! Watch the ankles!

Dana said...

Hi Sarah.

To be honest I need the intense training, and if I can drop a few pounds in the process, all the better (the old school skating rink we use is not air conditioned during practices!)! This league (really, it's just an independent flat track team trying to expand) is small and just starting up a couple years ago, so they are focusing on recruitment and training right now (which is good for me!).

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that Dana, sounds like it will be a blast. Hope all is going ok for ya. See ya round the net.

Your old friend
April :)