Friday, July 30, 2010

Library Day(s) in the Life, Round 5

I've been busy tweeting all week for this (mostly so I'd remember what I did), so  wanted to have a nice write up summary of my week. Time, however, has failed me and as I look at my tweets, I am uninspired to write up a simple summary. So instead, I just encourage you to view my #libday5 tweets if you have an interest in the doings of an academic, online distance librarian and assistant director. My day is probably very unique to where I work (for one, we have no books and no library building!), but for the most part, I do love it!

Update 9/2/10: I forgot that Twitter Searches don't include older tweets, so I've changed the links to my #libday5 stream above to run through - they should now include all my tweets from last week.

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