Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project Time Tracker Software?

Does anyone know of a program out there that you can install on your computer and have it track your active usage of specific software programs and databases? For example, there is a tool called Klok, but it requires manual entry of time spent on a project. Which makes it of little practical use in my estimation. Specifically, I'd like an easy tool to track how long I actually spend doing web design and Lotus application development projects. So say for example, I'm doing some work on our library home page (I know, I know, but don't laugh - yes, we use the decrepit Lotus to manage our website!), I would set it to track that template and it would automatically log when and how long I had it open and could then just spit out totals for me showing how much time I worked on it whenever I wanted it, and with virtually no conscious effort or forethought on my part. Even better would be the ability to log how much time was spent working on individual documents, like word docs and excel.

Does such a program exist? Any chance there is a free or cheap version out there?


john said...

Check out a program called Rescue Time.

For another app like Klok, check out Intervals:

Dana said...

Thanks John. That first one seems interesting; I'll check it out.