Monday, February 28, 2011

Shiny! New Things

New web "stuff" I'm playing with currently (or that are on my "to-experiment-with-soon" list):
  • Adventure Game Studio - engine that allows you (w/o need for real programming) to create a point and click adventure game. My goal with this or similar tool is to try and devise an RPG-like game where "library adventurers" go out on quests that reinforce IL skills, such as critical reading, citation skills, etc. Right now I have in mind an initial quest where the player needs to locate pieces of several missing magic books and assemble them (i.e., parts of the citation) in the correct order and then recite magic spells from them (i.e. paraphrase their content?) so that the kingdom can fend off attacking evil forces. Very initial stages of fleshing out this idea at the moment.
  • AppsGeyser - tool to create Android apps from the content of any webpage.
  • Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two - an innovative collection of digital and interactive stories and narratives. Many utilize aspects of gaming, multimedia or social media. Very cool.
  • Mission Earth: The Search for Hamburgers - a National STEM Video Game Challenge submission that teaches the scientific method via video game.
  • Mockingbird - dead-simple to use, browser-based, drag-and-drop wireframe tool (for mocking up website designs).

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