Friday, May 28, 2010

My Android Apps

Needing a break from a busy Friday, I decided to throw out a quick list of my favorite Android apps that I use frequently on my Nexus One. I think just about all of these are free or at least have free versions (some of the games, especially, have limited free versions):

Communication & Productivity:
  • AppBrain: find & sync your apps on the web (also great backup of all your apps)
  • Gmail - functional e-mail app
  • gTasks: simple offline tasks app that syncs with Google Tasks
  • SMS Unread Count: visual display to check unread text messages
  • Google Voice: listen or read your voice mails
  • Google Maps: excellent GPS nav tool. Used extensively at recent trip to DC
  • Foursquare: my fave location-based app! Earn badges & mayorships!
  • Twidroid Twitter (official app) - better Twitter app than Seesmic in my opinion
  • Voice Recorder - simple but effective way to record audio (i.e., thoughts, discussions)
Information & Social:

  • NPR News - listen or read latest NPR stories
  • The Weather Channel - I can quickly access weather for 3 locations I frequent.
  • NewsRob: a bare bones Google Reader app.
  • RunKeeper: track your exercise! Works with my phone's GPS & GMaps to log my walks, runs and cycling treks and outputs calories burned & other data.
  • Diigo Bookmarks: instant access to all my bookmarks!
  • Facebook
  • Yelp: get user reviews of restaurants, pubs, what have you on the fly
  • Aldiko Book Reader: A must-have! Good selection of books, too.
  • Dolphin Browser HD : until Chrome or Firefox versions launch for Android, this is the best one available. It's fast and reliable with minimal bells and whistles.
  • CallFilter - block unwanted calls
  • Lookout Mobile Security - anti-virus & data backup
  • Dock Simulator: home or car dock for time, alarm clock, etc.
  • Dropbox: file storage - can sync files with other computers
  • Adobe Reader: read PDF files
  • BarCode Scanner: scan any barcode with your camera to get info on it
  • Tricorder: for your inner Trekkie! A working Tricorder app, including the classic beeps! This one has fascinated my friends the most!
Games (note: I have a preference for tower defense games on this platform - if that isn't your thing, you can probably skip this section):
Other apps of note I haven't used as much yet: Google Goggles (augmented reality app),  Pandora Radio, Meebo IM, WordPress, Tuner - gStrings (chromatic tuner), and Last.FM.

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