Friday, September 18, 2009

Recording of Instructional Session

I recently did three in-person 50 minute instructional sessions for incoming BA nursing students and (without telling me until I arrived), one of those sessions was recorded and put into a fairly slick streaming media presentation format using Accordant. The side panel only includes rough screen shots, but next time I want to do a live screencast to go alongside video of me teaching. The room I was given was also not ideal: a tiny conference room with a giant, unmovable table in the middle, so the video angle isn't great (note: this may not work on some FireFox browsers without a plug-in, but works in IE just fine):

I cringe looking at myself in these kinds of things, and the last session I did went much smoother, but this turned out ok I guess.


Stephen Francoeur said...

Despite your qualms about the camera angle and all, I think it is a nice piece of work. It's great to have this kind of work recorded and made available for later viewing. The "thumbnails" feature makes for a nice way to jump to different sections of the session. It would be great if those thumbnails could be more like titles of the section, which would offer a nice way to navigate the presentation. Thanks for sharing!

Olivia Nellums said...

Wow, this is really neat! Where is it going to 'live' in the future? Will it go in their online classes?

Dana said...

Olivia - the video was made primarily for the students who couldn't come to the orientation day (about 2/3rds of the new nursing students). It will be posted on the Nursing community site in our LMS (Angel).