Monday, October 27, 2008

Real-time, web-based gaming for distance learners?

I was thinking it would be great if we could somehow rig up a web-based, real-time, lock-out buzzer system so that our students from all over could participate in a virtual Jeopardy tournament. In other words, I could send a url and perhaps password to each participating student and the page would then display a simple button that acts as a buzzer in real time.

We could then display the categories and scores and the first student to buzz could speak answers using our Elluminate virtual classroom software.

Could even do a tournament on info lit skills and knowledge, for example.

I did a 2 second search for such web buzzer tech but didn't find anything - will have to check further into it. Anyone doing anything like that out there? Are the logistics possible?


Zemina Hasham said...


We just played Jeopardy in Elluminate in our annual user conference held on Monday. We used the "raise hand" feature in Elluminate as our buzzer. As you know when you raise your hand in Elluminate, there is a audible tone for all moderators and the users are sequenced in the order that their hands were raised. So it's a perfect way to know who wants to respond and who's response to take first.

We also application shared our Jeopardy board rather than loading into the whiteboard - but both methods work well.

I'd be happy to share more information. Feel free to contact me!

Zemina Hasham
Senior Director, Client Services
Elluminate Inc.

Dana said...

Thanks Zemina! Great idea! I may take you up on that offer once I find some time to tackle the project. Peace,